Property Management

Memphis Property Management

901 Real Estate Services is your one-stop for a first-class Memphis property management experience. Your property is in the best of hands and you’ll always have access to a single, reliable point of contact. Get your property leased with quality tenants quickly and tap into our other buying and selling services whenever you need them.

The 901 Real Estate Services Property Management Memphis Team is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of service and care is provided on a day-to-day basis. You can count on your property being taken care of and maintained, and rest easy knowing that your tenants are being taken care of as well. We hope that you choose to let us represent you! We are a long-term property management company servicing condos, single-family, duplex, triplex, fourplex, and apartment complexes throughout the Memphis area. An owner’s bottom line depends on tenant occupancy and minimal turnover. Our focus is to create and maintain a balance between our client’s and residents’ goals. This balance is quantified by our ability to meet budgets and protect the investment for our owners while providing the resident an exceptional living.


Remove the complex hassle of self-managing your properties and enjoy the freedom of automating your rental income. We’ll save you the time, and ensure that your properties are being rented and managed most efficiently as to maximize your dollar.

Dedicated Property Manager and Administration

Dependable Customer Service

Remove your worry from management by knowing that there is a local, experienced team overseeing your property. You can always get in touch with a consistent point of contact and expect a quick follow-up and resolution of any problem, always. Our door is open and our detail-oriented, focused team is managing your property efficiently with the bottom line in mind.

Superior Property Marketing

Your 901 rental property will receive the same level of marketing care and detail as our real estate transactions. This means professional photography, 360 Tours, and maximum exposure online. Combine that with our social media reach and your property being published to 40+ sites, and you can rest with confidence knowing that your rental won’t sit on the market losing money.

Tenant Screening

The most challenging part of property management can often be finding a great tenant. From processing endless rental applications to spending the time to run background, credit, employment, and residency checks, it can all become very time-consuming. We take care of it all and you can move with confidence knowing that a great tenant is occupying your property. See more on our criteria below.

Software Technology

Tenants and owners are pleased to use the online portal that we provide. Collecting rent is easy, automatic, and on time. Access to financial statements and tax information is easy and instant. This is just another layer to an incredibly smooth, advanced property management experience.

Memphis Home Maintenance

901 Real Estate Services is dedicated to providing the quickest response to any maintenance issues, even if they are not urgent. Your property is meticulously reviewed before, during, and after each tenant. This ensures that all preventative and desired capital improvement maintenance is tended to immediately. A more satisfied tenant and a property that is kept in great shape will continue to bring you your maximum rental income.

Team Accountant

All accounting is managed on-site so that you have instant answers to your questions, and your rent is always paid to you consistently and electronically each month. Enjoy boutique level care and guidance with your books!

Multi-Family Property Management

When you have multiple units on your hands, you are especially selective of who will take care of them. Every effective decision is compounded by the number of units. 901 Real Estate Services is the transparent company you can trust to manage your properties efficiently and oversee expenses with the bottom line in mind.

Brokerage Services

Tap into our excellent brokerage services whenever you are ready to buy or sell your investment properties in Memphis. 901 Real Estate Service is your one-stop shop where you will find top-of-the-line marketing and experienced guidance throughout the entire process. You can trust that your properties will be sold quickly and for top dollar!