How to Qualify:


A household income of 3x monthly rent


A favorable credit score, if lower you may be subject to extra charge


No open bankruptcies


No previous evictions or unpaid rent


A favorable record and employment verification

Documents to Apply:


Your valid gov-issued photo ID


Your Social Security number or card


Your most recent pay stub or 1099

Deposit and Charges:


$59 Application Fee


Security Deposit


A gross household income of 3x the monthly rent.

Credit Score

A favorable credit score and no open bankruptcies.

Leasing History

No previous evictions or unpaid rent.

Background History

Employment verification and Criminal Record.


Occupancy Guidelines: Maximum of 2 persons per bedroom.

Application: All individuals of at least 18 years of age, or older, residing in the home are required to complete an application, undergo our screening process, and provide all necessary documentation, valid government-issued photo identification, and application fee. These requirements also apply to any changes to the leaseholders during the lease term. The application fee of $59 is non-refundable.

Income: Applicants must have a minimum combined gross income of three (3) times the monthly rent.

Credit Report: A credit report will be obtained on all Applicants to verify credit scores. Income and verification of credit history will be entered into our credit screening to determine eligibility. There are three screening results: Approval, Approval with Extra Deposit, or Denial. Unfavorable credit which will negatively influence the score include, and are not limited to: inquiries, collections, foreclosures, charge-off, repossession, absence of credit, and current delinquency. Debt to a previous landlord and open bankruptcies will result in an automatic denial of the application. Depending upon the screening result, an extra deposit may be required subject to local or state laws.

Background History: Applicants must have 12 proper months of verifiable employment history or provide a current and certifiable employment offer. Any applicant with less than a 12-month employment history may be required to pay a security deposit that is one tier higher than the credit score recommendation.

Applicants will undergo a Criminal History Background Check, including misdemeanor and felony convictions within the last 10 years.*

*See more information following the Criminal History Background Check-in Application.

Rental History: Rental History within the last 12 months, and preferably the last 3 years, as well as contact information for your rental references will be required. Any applicant with less than a 12-month rental history may be required to pay a security deposit that is one tier higher than the credit score recommendation.

Pets: Pets must be approved through our pet screening partner company www.petscreening.com.

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